Comprehensive Corporate Immigration Legal Services

Comprehensive Corporate Immigration Legal Services

We are pleased to offer comprehensive immigration legal services to companies of all sizes and stages, and across all industries. We take pride in supporting companies and their employees by going beyond simply obtaining approvals; we make ourselves available to advise on the many areas that immigration touches before and after receiving approvals.

In addition to the discrete matters for individual employees, we may be engaged for immigration legal advice regarding:

    • Creation and maintenance of a corporate immigration policy;
    • Form I-9 compliance, including guidance through self-audits and responding to government audits;
    • Anti-discrimination for recruiting, hiring, and onboarding;
    • Screening of potential candidates prior to an offer of employment being extended;
    • Planning for long-term employee retention;
    • Promotions or other changes to terms and conditions of employment;
    • A reduction in force and/or individual terminations;
    • Attendance of international employees and/or contractors at U.S. corporate summits, conferences, and other similar events;
    • International travel advice and/or consular visa applications for employees traveling abroad; and
    • Corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions.

When we are retained as exclusive immigration counsel for a company, we offer the following complementary added value services:

    • Creation and maintenance of a status report for the company’s immigration matters;
    • Recurring calls to sync about the company’s ongoing and upcoming immigration matters and needs;
    • A written annual outlook summarizing projected immigration matters and costs for the year ahead; and
    • Annual sync calls with employees in temporary immigration status and/or with open matters for facetime and familiarity.

Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss optimizing your organization’s immigration legal advice.